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Need feature: Copy/Move Test Run


I would like to request that TestRail support the ability to copy and move Test Runs. The copy feature could include the ability to copy Test Results but we specifically need the ability to copy into a new Test Run (without results).

The copy/move functionality would have to work across Test Plans as well - that is, we should be able to copy or move a Test Run either from the root (outside of a Test Plan) into a Test Plan, from a Test Plan into the root, or from Test Plan to Test Plan.

(Can’t think of a business case to copy actual Test Plans but someone might).

Business Cases

The copy functionality will allow us to implement the idea of Test Run templates - rather than re-inventing the wheel (by re-constructing and re-executing filters, which are probably going to become complex) every time we want to do a run, we want to create a base Test Run and copy it into a Test Plan every time we want to execute it.

This would allow us to create a template for different Regression Test Runs that could be used across multiple releases, or create Feature Test Run templates for use across multiple cycles in a single release.

The move functionality will enable us to move a Test Run, which may have been created for the purpose of a feature set that was targeted for release A, from a Test Plan that was created for release A into a Test Plan for release B if necessary.



Thanks for your posting. You can already copy test plans and runs using the Rerun functionality. You can rerun a test plan/run using the Rerun button when viewing a test plan/run. There’s also a Rerun Test Plan button when creating a new test plan.

The Rerun feature is the recommended way to create and re-use test run/plan templates in a project. It’s not currently supported to move test runs between test plans but this is already on our feature request list (I’ve just added another vote, thanks!).

I hope this helps!



+1 on the feature request, please and thank you!


Added another vote to this request, thank you!



Please advise the status of the feature request you mentioned. This is a significant problem for us and may force us to consider other tools if it not solved soon.


Hello Martin,

Thanks for your posting. You can already copy test runs and plans via the Rerun button. This also includes a status filter so you can limit the selection to tests with a specific status in the previous run/plan (e.g to retest all failed tests).

While it’s currently not supported to copy or move a test run to a (different) test plan you can simply create a new test plan in this case. If you don’t need to copy test results as you mentioned, you can remove the run from the original test plan and then re-add the run to the new test plan. It’s also planned to look into making the filters more powerful (e.g. by offering the option to save and reuse them).



I’d like to clone a single test run within a test plan that contains many test runs and keep it in the original testplan. Currently the Rerun function you mentioned would apply to the entire test plan and this doesn’t do what I need. I would end up with a new test plan, which is not what I need. I have used that Rerun function many times and it is helpful if I need to clone the whole test plan but is not helpful if I need to clone a single test run within that plan.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for the post. You are correct, the rerun functionality would rerun the entire test plan and not a single test run. If you are needing to clone a single test run within a test plan, you could look into using the TestRail API to do this. You would be able to query the test plan for all test run entryIDs and then query the entryID for the test run information. You could then post a request back to the API to create your new test run within the specific test plan.