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Need Copy Suite(s) when editing Test Plan


This is painful…

  1. Add new test plan
  2. Add a dozen suites selecting 1-6 specific test cases (from hundreds) for each suite (~1 hour of work)
  3. Assign them to Bob

I really need away to then clone those dozen suits so I can assign them to Alex, Dave and Sue and not spend another 3 hours doing it.

Help please!


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using very few test suites and mainly organize/group your test cases with sections. TestRail 4.0 even added a one-suite mode for projects as we found that using very few/one test suites would be a good fit for many teams:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

How many test suites do you have in a typical project?



We have 9 products. In our main product, I have 59 Test Suites. Each suite has from 10 to 200 test cases - all of those are nicely broken into groups / subgroups. We are talking about 13 years worth of test cases - so they are broad and deep.

They all used to be in one suite, but the hierarchy was so tall and so wide, TestRail was always hiding most of the tree and it was very hard to find stuff. Extensive use of suits to categorize our test cases fixed that nightmare.

But the number of suits is not the issue I’m frustrated with. Picking 50 test cases from one or 60 suites is the same amount of time… What IS painful is having to add all 50 AGAIN for each person I assign the cases to.

What I tried the other day was
a) Create a Test plan - call it "New Features - Tom"
b) I’d then select my specific cases from different suites - no assignment yet
c) I’d then save the Test plan
d) I’d rerun the Plan and rename it to “New Features - Jenna”, and assign each suite to Jenna (pain)
e) I’d rerun the Plan and rename it to “New Features - Jayson”, and assign each suite to Jayson (pain)
f) I’d rerun the Plan and rename it to “New Features - Justin”, and assign each suite to Justin (pain)
g) I’d then open the original plan and assign each suite to Tom (pain)

I’m not sure if “rerun” will haunt me later, but it saved me from having to pick test cases each time. I’m also not excited about having 4 plans instead of one. But I hate rework.

If there was a tool to assign all checked suites in a Test Plan to a person that AONE would save me a fair amount of time.

Here is what would be ideal:
a) Create Test Plan
b) Add 8 suites, and select specific cases
c) Check the 8 suites and click “Assign” (choose Tom from list)
d) 8 suites are still selected - Click “Copy & assign” (choose Jenna)
e) 8 suites are still selected - Click “Copy & assign” (choose Jason)
f) 8 suites are still selected - Click “Copy & assign” (choose Justin)

Boom, Done!
I’ve quickly copied and assigned 32 suits and assigned them all in the same test plan - 1 hour of painful re-work just went to 15 minutes.


Thanks for the additional feedback, Brian.

The current version of TestRail makes it much easier to work with large test suites and complex section hierarchies and we can recommend taking a second look at sections to group your test cases:

If you frequently want to test many test runs of the same test suite at the same time (and assign them to different persons), you could also look into using the configuration feature as part of the test plans. Configurations automatically create multiple test runs based and this is usually used to test against different configurations or environments (such as browsers or operating systems). That said, it could also be used to start multiple test runs to test them in parallel by different users. I would recommend reviewing our training video on test plans & configurations:



Thanks Tobias - I agree the latest version of TestRail handles large test suits better than when we first joined. But picking test cases from suites is not the problem - so one test suit or many test suits makes no difference to me.

Using “configurations” for people - I’ll have to look into it, but it seems kind of klunky.

The feature I’m requesting is: Within a Test Plan, copy a suite and its selected test cases - that seems like a reasonable request that many would benefit from.

Judging by your urging me in other directions should I assume this suggestion is not under consideration?

If its not a feature for consideration, is this something I could accomplish through an API call maybe?



Hello Brian,

From my understanding it would make it simpler to use fewer/a single test suite in your case but I understand that restructuring your test cases might not be an option. Using configurations for assignees is not the primary use case but would make it much simpler in your scenario to create the required number of test runs.

Even though we recommend using just a few or even a single test suite per project, it’s also planned to make it easier to work with many test suites on the test plan form and I’ve added your suggestion to our feature request list, thanks!




I agree, this is something that I miss too.

The built in configurations isn’t much use to me because I don’t want to run all test cases within each configuration. Therefore I’m forced to create separate test suites for each browser I need to test, meaning that I also have to manually select the test cases to run within each suite. This is a very time consuming and tedious process.

The ability to copy a suite and it’s selected test cases would be really useful.



Hi Colin,

One approach that’s used in this case is to add a configuration field on the test case level as well (to indicate applicable browsers per case, for example). You can do this with a multi-select custom field if you like:

You can then easily set the case selection per configuration/run with the filters on the Select Cases dialog.



I would like to vote for this feature!!

I understand the need to keep suites small, but I can see this becoming a need when you are trying to automate your test cases. You wouldn’t want to have multiple copies of the same test case in your Test Suites & Cases area. Having the ability to copy suites within a test plan gives you flexibility to reuse test cases and update your results based on the test scenario that is being performed.


Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your feedback! Depending on the use case, we would just recommend using configurations as Tobias mentioned, as this would allow you to use the same test case with different environment/platform scenarios as needed (instead of making multiple combinations of the test case for each scenario). We also still recommend using a single test case repository with sections and subsections instead of multiple test suites as this helps with creating test runs and plans. You can learn more about test plan configurations on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Hi Marco!

Thanks so much for the reply. I will review the video in your link!