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Need clarification on the email notification feature?


I understand email notification is set at a global site setting level + at an individual user level.

I set up my SMTP server setting and send a test email and that works!


  1. when I assigned test run(s) to a tester, is he supposed to receive an email notification?

  2. There is a description that says "Email notifications are sent for test changes and test results"
    what is considered test changes, does that mean if someone makes a change in a test case (whether it’s in the test steps, precondtion etc) anyone assigned a test run associated with that test case can notified?



Hello Roy,


  1. when I assigned test run(s) to a tester, is he supposed to receive an email notification?[/quote]

Yes, this is correct. But you also need to make sure that TestRail’s background task is running (see below).

That is not not entirely correct: you receive a notification when somebody else adds a comment/result to a test that is assigned to you, but not when a test case is changed currently. You can also subscribe to emails for tests (or entire runs) that are not assigned to you (simply click the email icon in the toolbar to toggle email notifications).

All notification emails are sent by TestRail’s background task for performance reasons. Please make sure it’s running. You can check the status of the task on the Administration overview page. Please see the documentation in case the task is not running: