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Need a way to add Multiple Configurations at once


In test plan we configure the suite for multiple configurations. If we have 100 configurations where the suite needs to be tested. We will have to add each configuration one by one which is a very long task.

Is there any way present to add multiple configurations at once?

Let me know if anymore information is required.


Hi there,

When you are adding your configurations, you can in fact add all of the test cases that you need however, this is based on an entire group of configurations. When you mouse over a configuration group name you will notice a green check. Clicking on this will auto-select all configurations under that group. If you have random configurations within a group that need to be selected, you would still need to do this manually.

Does this help?



Thanks a lot for your reply but sadly this is not the answer we are expecting.

Actually we have 70 configurations to add for a testsuite. This makes it a very hectic task to add them at the start of the project. Hence we request a solution to add configuration to the project all the 70 at once. Presently we need to enter them one by one. :confused:


Hi Nilesh,

Thanks for your reply! TestRail would support selecting multiple/all configurations within a configuration group as Marty mentioned above. If you have many separate configuration groups, then each group would need to be added manually. We’re happy to review adding an option to select all groups and all configurations in each group for a future update to TestRail. In case you haven’t reviewed this yet, the following training video is a good way to see the configurations feature and how this works when adding configurations:

Hope this helps!



Well … Using multiple configurations was very easy once I found out about them. Entering many configurations on the other hand is difficult task and that why I came here asking for help.
FYI I am pro at using configurations their groups and use them plans.

Let me know if you can help me in adding many configurations at once.



I have a similar question as Nealword, is there a way to export from one project the list of tediously manually entered set of configurations, to import in a new project?