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Need a report Amount of Runs and elapsed time per user



Can you please guide me?

I have a Testplan with over 3200 Test cases
They are done by nearly 50 Testers.

Now i want to have a report, which is showing me per Tester:

  • How many Test cases he has tested
  • How much time he has recorded in total for the testcases. also if he tested a case twice,

Can you please guide me how to do as i alread get desperated


Hi Uwe,

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend the Results > Property Distribution for the distribution/amount of tests per tester (just group by the Tested By attribute). To include the elapsed times as well you can add the Elapsed All column to the test tables (on the Tests tab when creating the report).

I hope this helps!



Thank you.

What i can do if the report only shows 11 out of 50 Testers?
And is it possible to summarize the Elapsed times of all tests?

I tried now to increase the parameters but now the report shows that it is in creation, since yesterday 7:00 pm CEST


Hi Uwe,

The report only includes those testers that have actually contributed to the test runs. It’s also important to review the test run scope (included runs & plans) on the Test Runs tab when creating the report (especially the last option “Maximum number of test runs to include” if you have many test runs.

Elapsed: it’s currently not possible to show the sum of elapsed times for all tests and TestRail will show the elapsed time per test in this report. One workaround would be calculate the elapsed sums manually (e.g. in Excel).



Thx for reply.

The thing is that actually we finished one round of tests, and there are definitely more than 11 Tester who have participated in the Runs, which are not shown.

Also i started to create the report by setting “Maximum numbers of test runs to include” to max. But now the Report is creating since over 14 hours.

I also tried to Just export the plan to Excel and activated the column Elapsed. But there is the problem that not all times are shown, only in the last Result or comment, if there is a time recorded, is shown. not the time in previous results


The Tested By attribute will only take into account the user who added the last result of a test. So if multiple users contributed to a test, the Tested By attribute will only include the last tester. An alternative is to use the activity reports (which is a list of all results & comments added over time) or generate a custom report outside of TestRail via the CSV or XML exports. Regarding the Elapsed column: you would need to select the Elapsed All column instead and this is the sum of all results in a test (Elapsed is only for the last result).




Yes, but at the Export of the Plan to XLS, i can only select the Elapsed column.
There is no “Elapsed all” shown as it is in Report generation


Ah okay, in this case you can switch to “Export all results and comments” (via the dropdown at the bottom) and this adds a dedicated row for each result.



This case isn’t acceptable for our team. Because I should spend time to export all runs one by one and then calculate Elapsed for each tester. It will be great to generate one report for Milestones where I could find metrics how my team works, how much time each person spent. Now I see only total Elapsed time for my all team.



Hi Alex,

If the runs are all part of the same milestone, you would only need to create a single export on the milestone level but I understand that a built-in report for this would be better, of course. Happy to look into this for a future version, thanks for your feedback!