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Need a Oracle 'View' table kind of feature for Test Case - Sections


In our current company we have multiple (few hundred) Sections each consisting several test cases in each. These test cases are generic/customer specific. When we want to qualify a patch/service pack for a customer we create a test plan to query out all test cases for a ‘customer’ and add it to the test plan.

I want a similar functionality in test cases - ‘section’ where I can query all applicable test cases into a section which contains only the links to the original test case (similar to Oracle View table). I don’t want to add a section and make a copy of the test cases because the original test case/s keep getting modified and they same may not be reflected in the copy and also, updating in multiple locations is not possible.

If we could create a ‘View’ or a Testplan like option in Test Case sections it would be great. I’m not sure if such feature is available in TestRail.