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Named checkpoints


Hi there,

First I would like say that I like the latest version of SmartInspect a lot. The new functionality really adds to the usability of the product.

However a product like this is rarely ever finished and I see that there are still a lot of suggestions being made in the forum for additional functionallity. I would like to add two of my own.

  1. How much work it would be to implement named checkpoints in the same fashion as the named counters? This would come in handy when checking loops within loops.

  2. This isn’t really about SmartInspect itself, but about this forum. I think it might be time to make the forum somewhat more of a ‘real’ forum. This because of the fact that it gets harder to find out quickly if someone else has already posted a suggestion.



Hi Gerben,

Great to hear that you like the new version.

Named checkpoints would be a great feature I think. The required work to implement this feature should be comparable to that of named counters. I added this feature to our feature request list. Thanks for the idea!

We already thought about improving this forum (and maybe even adding some kind of community section). One problem of this forum is certainly the missing search functionality (although Google can help with that to some extent). We will look into it.