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MySQL utf8mb4 support (emojis)


It seems TestRail doesn’t support utf8mb4 encoding on MySQL DB. The result is that I cannot insert emojis. It always fails with an “Incorrect string value” error. We should never use utf8 encoding on MySQL, but always use utf8mb4:

Any plans to resolve this issue?


Hello @kalpik,

Thanks for posting. I wanted to ask if you are using TestRail Cloud or TestRail Server?

I’m on the testrail server.


I get an identical error when trying to add emojis.
Incorrect string value: ‘\xF0\x9F\x92\xAA\xF0\x9F…’ for column ‘custom_steps’ at row 1

Running Testrail on MySQL 5.7.24.

Hello @vitar,

Thanks for posting! TestRail does not currently support adding emojis into any text field, and there is a known issue where saving an entity that has an emoji in a text field will strip the emoji as well as any text after it, even if the text had been previously saved.

I’ve added your feedback to our bug report and our team will investigate the way it removes the emoji to ensure no loss of non-emoji text in a future update.