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My report folder is read only


I have a problem. I can’t do any changes in the Site Setting section because I keep getting an error:

“Field Report Directory is not a valid (writable) directory. Please either create the directory or adjust its permissions.”

I checked the folder and it is set to read only. I did uncheck the check box that is making it read only but it keeps changing back on it’s own. I don’t know what to do with this. Right now I’m unable to make any changes due to the above error in settings.

Are you using the server or cloud version of Test Rail?

We are using server.

Test Rail does not change permissions so you need to get with the folks who run the server and set permissions for the folder so they don’t change. I believe in our server setup we have an IUSER group that has full control over the folder. When users get into Test Rail they gain that group and the permission for that group.

The above is the set up for the report and attachment folders…

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