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Multiple tests for a single test case in one run


I’m integrating our automation infrastructure with TestRail using the API.

In our test plans, we have some tests that need to run multiple times(i.e. the same test case needs to run on Mac, Linux and Windows)

What is the best practice for this manner?

Is there any way, using the API, to separate the tests from one another in the test run, except for duplicating the test case for each OS?


Hi Yoav,

Thanks for the post! If you have a set of tests which need to be run against multiple platforms, you would likely want to use the Configurations option within test plans.

With configurations, you can create a Test Plan in TestRail under the Test Runs & Results page within a project. After clicking on the ‘Add Test Plan’ button, you are redirected to a new, empty test plan form and can add the test runs from the sidebar (via the Add Test Run button). You can then manage the configurations via the Configurations button. The video on our website explains how this can be done.

You can also use TestRail’s API to create these test plans as part of your automation framework.

I hope this helps!