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Multiple TestRail Instances to One Jira Instance


My company owns many different software products and we are discussing setting TestRail as the standard Test Management software for all of our QA teams. My team is the first to use it. We also use Jira company wide, separated by projects. We would like to use the Jira plugin for maximum integration. My questions:

  1. Is it possible to integrate multiple separate instances of TestRail to one instance of Jira?
  2. Do you have any best practices around this?

Thanks - loving TestRail!


Hi @tmazelin,

Thanks for your posting. You can integrate a single TestRail instance with multiple JIRA instances. The other way round (single JIRA instance) with the JIRA add-on only supports a single TestRail instance and it would make sense to use the same TestRail instances for all teams then. Since you are already using a single JIRA instance, do you think a single TestRail instance would work for you as well? TestRail’s permissions system is very flexible and you can control access to individual projects, hide projects for some users/teams etc:



Thanks Tobias. We could take the route of a single TestRail instance and use the permission system to limit project visibility but we would then need to change our installation subdomain as it’s currently set to the one product but we’d need it changed to a global name. Is this possible?


Hi Tracy,

I assume this is for TestRail Cloud (, is this correct? Yes, we can rename instances/change the address and please send a quick email to with your address/company information.



Yes, it’s for the cloud version. Thanks for the info.


Please just send an email to in this case, happy to change the address.



@tgurock Any chance this will ever get supported? When you work in a giant corporation like the one I do with a massive 300+ project JIRA like me, trying to get everyone on that JIRA to adopt a single instance of a new product (albeit useful) product is extremely difficult. Being able to integrate with different TestRail instances would allow our team to adopt TestRail with the bells and whistles of JIRA integration and allow other teams to curious about trying TestRail to integrate on their own and own their own TestRail instances. Just a suggestion for the benefit of TestRail.