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Multiple Test suite vs single test suite discussion



when we started with TestRail we created a project with multiple testsuites as we have to support multiple versions - which seemed to be the right approach.

After some while I’m starting to think that this is actually not the case. The main problem I see is that due to copying the test cases to the new version, all test run information get lost. So we keep the information about test runs inside one version, but to see how a test case evolves over time in multiple version is not possible.

Furthermore all information about the history of the case is also lost, as unfortunately TestRail only shows when it was created or updated, but not a whole time line of changes. So each test case in the newly created version has as author the person creating the copy, not the one created the test case.

I like to ask others how they handle the test suite for multiple versions ? Because I come to think one test suite is the better approach (but it might be that I’m wrong again).

It would definitely solve the problems above, but how to handle test cases that come in newer version (to avoid they are used as tests when an older version is tested) (this might be solvable via a version field, right ?) or test cases that get modified/deleted in a newer version (how to get the “original” one for testing older versions ?) etc etc

It would be great, if others can share their experience and their approach for this.

Thank you very much for every input

Organize Test Cases within Scenarios

Any updates on this item @tgurock? I have this same issue wanting to convert from multiple suite to one


Hi everyone,

We usually recommend using a test suite as this makes it much easier to create test runs and reports for the entire case repository. It’s also a lot more flexible when it comes to versioning test cases (e.g. with the single suite + baseline feature).

You can convert a project with multiple test suites to a project with a single case repository and the steps are as follows:

  • Create a new, empty test suite
  • Close all active test runs/plans (note that this prevents future modifications)
  • Move all test cases from the original test suite to the new test suite with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (in the target suite)
  • Delete the old test suites (should be empty); there should only be the new test suite left afterwards
  • Switch the suite mode for the project in the administration area to “single suite”

Closing the test runs/plans is important because otherwise you would lose your test results & tests in active runs/plans when moving the cases.

You can also test the entire project with a test project first if you like.