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Multiple Test Results for Individual Test Cases


Hello! I am working on getting my company’s test rail integration set up and we would really like to be able to have multiple results per test case so that we can quickly run tests against multiple OS/browser combinations. I’m here in hopes of someone directing me to how to get started with this - more specifically is this even possible with UI scripts and/or some other method? Thanks!


I think the included Test Plans with Configurations can be used. At my company we do not use Test Plans and even though my user is Admin and the Role has permissions for Add/Edit/Close Runs and Plans I don’t have the option on Test Runs/Results. I think that is tied to another permission that I can’t seem to find info on for you. I know we used it when we originally got the system - might be tied into the Project Type…

You might be able to get more info by searching the General Discussion forum for Test Plans and Configurations. I believe there is a video out there as well using an older version of TR but the concepts are the same.


Thank you, that is helpful. My vision of this would have 4 result columns per test case per test run, but this is a viable alternative.


Hi btrude,

Thanks for your post! As BGanger mentioned, TestRail would use Test Plans with Configurations to manage testing against multiple platform combinations. We do have a video that shows how this process works and guides on creating test plans with configurations on our website here:

Hope this helps!