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Multiple Test Data in Test Rail


Hello Team,

1)Does test rail support a test data column for a test case?

2)If so can do we have any mechanism to have multiple test data mapped to a single test case. as often the test data changes when the same test case is run against different environments.

If Test rail does not support test test data please do suggest alternatives by which test data can be effectively managed.


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting! While there’s no separate test data column for the separated steps, you can simply add the data to either the step or expected result. An alternative is to add a completely new field for this (e.g. of type Text) and you can additional custom fields under Administration > Customizations. Adding this directly to the step or expected result is recommend though as this makes it easier to see the test data on the Add Result dialog and in context of the step/expected result.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias !:slight_smile:


You are welcome, John, glad to hear that this helps :slight_smile:




how can i add a new field directly to the separated steps field?



Hi Horst,

The Steps field currently supports 2/3 fields: the actual step content, the expected result and actual result (for test results). If you want to store additional details such as test data, we recommend doing this as part of the step content or expected result (whichever is a better fit). You can use TestRail’s rich-text formatting to separate your step content from other data (e.g. with tables):



Nonetheless, I also like to rather have a designated (3rd) column for the test data belonging to each step. This is because the actual test data is neither part of the description nor the result. Hence the extra field…

And while we are at it - it would be nice to be able to edit resp. customize the test step table at all (like adding a custom column or two, change the sorting, etc.)


Hi Frank,

Custom fields for the steps control are currently not planned directly but an additional column (e.g. “Test Data”) is something that’s already on our feature request list. It’s planned to look into this for a future version, thanks for your feedback on this!



Nice one! The “test data” column alongside the test steps would really help me out.
Do you already have a ballpark figure, when to expect the new feature?


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply. We currently don’t have a time frame or estimate for this we can share.



If you are just getting started with TestRail and Data, you might already have existing test cases stored in other documents (such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets) or other test management tools. Chances are that you want to import those test cases into TestRail and this article explains how to do just that based on simple CSV files.