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Multiple test case assignment


Ive been trying to to locate a thread concerning this feature but didnt work out. However, Ive been desperately trying to find an easy and quick way to assign several related test cases to one particular tester. It is possible, but it takes too much time. Perhaps Ive just missed an totally apparent thing.

Oh and more thing. Is there a way to setup an email that would report user that during particular test run, a test case ended up with a failed status ?




Thanks for your posting. When you are on the test run page, you can assign multiple tests by checking the check boxes next to the relevant tests and then using the Assign To button at the bottom of the page.

Another option is to assign the entire test run to a user using the Assign To field when creating a test run (or test plan).

Regarding the emails: if you are the owner of the tests (i.e. the person to which the tests are assigned to), then you will automatically receive email notifications about changes. If you are not the owner, you can explicitly subscribe to the test or entire test run via the email icon in the toolbar of a test or test run. This will notify you about all changes and not just failed tests though.