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Multiple Jira Servers for Defects in the same TestRail project


We have 2 Jira Servers (UK for TASK-A and Canada for TASK-B)
The Test team in the UK will be raising Jira Defects in both systems and using each of the Confluence sites for the feature references (Stories etc)

? How can I configure a single Testrail Project to use BOTH Jiras for Defect and References ?



Hi Ian,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to connect to multiple Jira instances within one project in TestRail. The only way to manage multiple Jira connections would be to set up individual integrations at a project level.


really ? the configuration is instance wide, not ?

btw. same question here same question here Integrate one TestRail project with multiple Jira instances :slight_smile:


So my only work around is to run duplicate projects inside testrail…
no very user friendly.


@bygones: The integration that’s set up under Administration > Integration will be the default in your instance, but you can set up project specific integrations under Administration > Projects in the defects and references tab. Anything configured there will override the default settings, allowing users to set up multiple integrations in one instance.


thanks @jacob.scott - good to know :slight_smile: