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Multiple JIRA plugins to single testrail


Hi again,

Recently we’ve been integrating our testrail instance with multiple JIRAs belonging to different companies. We’ve been doing this using the Defects and References panels on the project specific integration options.

Is it possible to integrate multiple JIRA plugins (for cloud) to a single testrail instance. I noted when creating a new key that old keys are invalidated. If the invalidated keys are JIRA specific, can we generate a key outside of JIRA and pass it to their admin?

Also, is there a place a testrail admin can view existing key(s)?

Thank you in advance.


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your post! This wouldn’t revoke any integration key that was created from a different JIRA instance, so you can just create a new integration key from the new JIRA instance via the button in the add-on configuration page, and that would connect the add-on to your TestRail instance. Please note that all of the data and features provided by the TestRail for JIRA add-on requires a login/user to TestRail, so if the users on the other JIRA instances don’t have access to TestRail then this wouldn’t be the recommended setup for this. Hope this helps!



Thank you for your response. I have a few follow up questions:

Some of their users will be granted access to our testrail as users, but not as administrators. Is this likely to cause a problem with setup? Will they need to be an admin on both our testrail and their Jira to generate a key?

Is there a way through testrail to revoke keys at the end of the project?