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Multiple jira defect plugins in one testrail project

we have one project, which we would like to connect to 2 JIRA instances for the defect reporting.
Is it possible to have 2 different JIRA plugins defined in TestRail and how does it acctually work?
Thank you

Hi Lende,

Thanks for the post! Currently, it would not be possible to integrate one TestRail project with multiple Jira instances for pushing defects. On the project level, you would be able to integrate one tool or Jira instance for Defects, and another for References. However, the ‘Push’ dialog for creating new defects from within TestRail would only support one Jira instance per project. Additionally, link hovering within a project would only retrieve data from one Jira instance.

If you need to link defects from multiple Jira instances to your test cases within the same project, you would be able to add an additional custom field (e.g. of type Link (URL)) to link tests and cases to additional resources. With this approach, please keep in mind the TestRail for Jira add-on would only be able to retrieve cases linked by ID in the ‘References’ or ‘Defects’ fields.

I hope this helps clarify,

Hi John,
Thank you very much for your reply.It has been helpfull.
Have a great evening
Best Regards