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Multiple iterations of a testcase in a plan


Hi is it possible to run separate multiple iterations of the same test case within a test plan, without having to duplicate the test in the suite.

I know I can run the test again over the top of the last one. And in a pinch use configurations. however I would prefer to have just one test case I can add to the same test plan multiple times to record multiple results.

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Thanks for your posting. Including the same test case multiple times is not supported and you would need to add multiple runs of the same test suite/case repository to the test plan in this case. You can also use configurations as you mentioned and TestRail would then automatically create multiple test runs for you:



Could this be looked at as a future feature.

Being able to apply a number of need iterations to a single test case in a plan would be extremely handy as it doesn’t rely on setting up a multiple configurations where the process is the same but only the data is changing.

Many thanks.


Thanks for your additional feedback. Yes, we will make sure to look into this. You can alternatively also use a single test case with multiple verification steps and include the test data as part of the structured/separated steps control, for example: