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Multiple core regression in one suite

Hi there,

I have a test suite of which i would like to have two sets of “core” regression.

This is because i have two applications which use the suite however some of the tests are not applicable to the other application therefore two separate sets of regression suites must be run.

Is this possible as this is only one core regression checkbox when creating a test?

Kind regards.

Hi @dazan.roleh,

I think you have several ways of structure your suite, e.g. you can separate your cases by sections.
If you can’t change the structure you can add information to your case, e.g. with a custom field like App having entries like “App1”, “App2”, “Appx” or similar. After this you can sort or filter your cases AND you can use a filter on creating a regression test run for each of your apps.

Do you share cases, means use cases for both apps? If not, why not use separated suites?

Just some ideas…

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Hi kwirth,

Thanks so much for your suggestions. We have gone with adding a new custom field as you said called “Application” and then filter as needed.

In regards to your question about sharing cases, we do share cases, which stopped us from using separate suites.

Thanks again