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Multiple Clarifications regarding test run?


Here is the scenario:

  1. Having single test suite covering all the test cases with sections and sub sections
  2. Now, create a test run and add the suite and rename the suite to “Sanity” and applied the filter to add sanity test cases
  3. Add the same suite again, rename the suite to “Regression” and applied the filter to add regression test cases

First Question- Is this is a good approach?
Second Question - If we follow this approach, after clicking on the “Sanity” suite under run . by placing the cursor on the progress we are able to see the status , is it possible to see pier chart also for the same?
Third Question - Can we lock “Sanity” suite with in a run?


Hi Girish,

Thanks for your posting. I assume you want to have all runs in the same test plan, is this correct? Yes, this definitely makes sense and you can use the filters to create runs with different sets of cases (sanity, regression, etc.). You can see the pie charts when clicking on each test run inside a plan (the overview would show a bar chart per run). You can lock/close individual test runs by archiving/closing the entire test plan.

I hope this helps!