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Multi select options are not visible properly in Dark theme

When we are trying to filter the test cases with label which has multiple values, We are not see the options listed in the window.

Hi Manigandan,

Thanks for the post! With the dark theme released in TestRail 6.0, the field options in the selection filter should use white font to stand out against the black background. If each of the fields in the Selection Filter are showing black font, it is possible that your TestRail instance has some custom UI script enabled which is changing the default font coloring. If this is the case, I would recommend disabling any custom UI scripts which are added under Administration > Customizations and checking to see if this fixes this behavior.

If you are only seeing this for some of the fields, can you please let me know each field type (for example: dropdown, user, multi-select, etc.) that is showing black font? You can check the type of this custom field in the Case Fields section under Administration > Customizations.

I hope this helps!