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Multi select option in Case field



is there an option to add a field using a multi select values?


Hi Doron,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s not currently possible to have a multi-select custom field, but such a custom field type is already on our feature request list. In the meantime I would suggest using a text field or multiple dropdown boxes instead, but we want to have such a field eventually.



+1 for this feature. Covering situations such as “which projects is this associated with” or “what environments does this affect” is difficult to present consistently as a text field.

To the poster, with some creative UI scripting, it might be possible for you to create your own by flipping text fields into multi selects somehow. That might be the path we go down :slight_smile:


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. Support for multi-select custom fields is still planned. UI scripts may be a good workaround in the meantime and please let me know in case any questions come up while implementing this.



I’d also like this. We currently have have several checkboxes (which are presented in a single column…) that accounts for “which browsers did you test this in?”

This would be great! If presented in some kind of panel, with little checkboxes for each definable item. It would be great to search for these or filter by them.


Hello Knaledge,

We usually recommend managing environment specific fields (such as operating systems or browsers) as configurations and test plans:

Have you looked into configurations and test plans yet?