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Multi select field for milestones


Hi All

I’ve got quite interesting request from our user. They would like to have a custom multi select field for milestones.
I didn’t find such a thing in ootb feature and just curios if this is something we can do via e.g. custom java script?
They would like to search for a test cases by providing a milestone value and have a full control over what milestones list at the same time. Existing milestone field allows submitting only one value currently.

Thanks in advance


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post! TestRail’s milestones would currently only support the Name, Description, Start/End Dates, and Completed fields. It wouldn’t be possible to add another milestone field that would be filterable/searchable via the built-in filter/search features. That said, you can use Markdown to format the milestone description, and you could then e.g. create a table to organize any data that you add to the description (e.g. to look like separate fields). From there you can just use TestRail’s built-in search to search for any term, however keep in mind that this would search all entities and not just milestones. You can learn more about Markdown on our website here:

We’re also happy to review support for additional entity fields as well. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco

Well, I guess I must provide additional details. I don’t want to enhance metadata for milestones.
I want to

  • Create a new multi select field for test cases
  • Instead of predefined options in field constructor I want it to allow QA to select multiple milestones

Currently there is already a field for test cases available ootb, but it allows selecting only one milestone.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply! TestRail would already support this with the built-in Milestones field if you have this enabled (under Administration > Customizations). When setting any filter (e.g. under the Test Cases tab), you can select this built-in Milestone field and it would already support multi-select options (so e.g. you can just hold down Ctrl or Cmd for Mac to highlight multiple milestones in the field). This would allow you to filter by the built-in Milestone field. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco

Well it’s not about the filter. Yes I know muliti select is supported there.
It’s a about a field in the test case itself. This screenshot illustrates what I mean


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply! Sure, we’re happy to review adding support for multiple milestone selections with the built-in Milestone field (or the ability to create a similar custom field) for a future update to TestRail. Thanks for your feedback!



So in other words there is not way to do this currently but to wait and hope if this feature will be implemented in some future release.
Ok, thanks