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Multi-select custom field problem


Here’s what I did at a high level:

  • Created a project with one test suite–iOS App.
  • Created a second test suite in the same project–Android App.
  • Added a multi-select custom field with various iOS devices.
  • Discovered when I tried to edit a test case in the Android App test suite that multi-select custom fields applied to projects not just test suites. TestRail insisted that I add a value for the new custom field in the Android test case.
  • Used Admin to add an Android value to the multi-select custom field.
  • Tried again to edit a test case in the Android App test suite, but failed at this because the multi-select custom field isn’t displaying the new Android selection.

What do I have to do to get the new selection for my custom field to be displayed in the edit page for my test cases?



Thanks for your posting! Please make sure to save your custom field options after adding new multi-select options/values. We can also recommend looking into TestRail’s plans & configuration feature which use a slightly different approach to manage configurations (such as operating systems or devices) on the test run level instead:



My approach was to use ‘Add Projects and Options’ section at bottom of the Add/Edit screen to set up separate set of choices for each project (or projects). Would that help for your scenario?