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Multi Select Bug when adding new item


Recently we added a new item to our multi-select and because we did not added that item to the bottom, but instead somewhere in the middle, it changed the number the api/interface uses to identify that item. Below is a screenshot to better illustrate the issue:

The image above is the list of the items in our multi-select after we added the new item. The original list is shown below. I have included the number that the API uses to match the item name in parenthesis:

BLE Console Test (1)
Built-In Abbreviated (2)
Human Testing (3)
Vendor (4)
Agency (5)

Then we added the item “Built-In Console Test” on the position shown in the above image, and that shifted the numbers for each item. So now they are:

BLE Console Test (1)
Built-In Console Test (2)
Built-In Abbreviated (3)
Human Testing (4)
Vendor (5)
Agency (6)

We are using the multi select to classify our test cases, and now every case that was classified as “Human Testing” ( #3 in the original list) was automatically classified as “Built-In Abbreviated” (#3 in the list after adding the new item). So it looks like when we tag a case with a multi-select item it uses the position where it is in the list without any direct relationship to the item itself. This is a big problem as all your cases will automatically get re-classified without you even noticing unless you always add a new multi-select item to the bottom of the list.