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Multi-line Code Blocks


Is there way to create code block similar to Atlasssian Stash, i.e. using 3 backtick quote marks before and after the block, e.g.

typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, RansomwareType) {

and all text will be in monospaced font with reformatted behaviour, i.e. all spaces should stay.
Will be nice to have a different background for this block as well.

Note: The render result (3 backtick quote marks were disappeared) in the forum is exactly what I would like to have


Hi @DKim,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail also supports multi-line code blocks but you would currently need to format the code block manually by adding 4 spaces at the beginning of each line:



Thanks, it does work.

I had this problem, because I had some text above my code block, i.e. an empty line is required above the perforated code block.


Yes, code blocks require an empty line before/after but good to hear that it works now!



Thanks, probably Editor formatting reference should be updated.



Thanks, Dmitry, just updated the editor documentation.



It would be really helpful to my company if the way Atlassian handles multi-line code blocks were implemented in TestRail, using 3 backticks. There are times we have to include large blocks of code, and it is a hassle to go through and add 4 spaces to each line. 3 backticks before and after would be much more elegant and efficient. Please consider implementing this.


Hi Tracey,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated!



When will this feature be implemented?
Any plans?