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Moving untested test cases from one test run to another


I have several test results from a “Drop 1” test run that are in a non-passed state (either Failed, Blocked, Retest, Untested). These particular results have history associated with them that show what we have done so far.

We just received a new version of code from our development team and we now want to test these untested/unfinished tests against the new version of code. Is there a way that I can move the unfinished test results from the “Drop 1” test run to a new “Drop 2” test run, in order to carry forward any non-passed tests? We don’t want to lose the history of what we have done so far.


Hi Jeff,

The typical workflow would be to create a new run based on the previous run using the rerun feature (Rerun button when viewing a run/plan). You can limit the run to non-passed tests with the status selection of Rerun:

By using the context tabs, you can see tests & results of previous runs you entered in the previous run: