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Moving to LDAP - Considerations?


We have been using the local testrail authentication for a few years, what do I need to consider if we move to LDAP? Will all user specific details be lost? Or can I port over a local user to an LDAP user?


Hello Marcus,

Thanks for your posting! LDAP/Active Directory integration is implemented with an additional authentication module and this can be downloaded here:

Activating LDAP/AD is fully compatible with users that were added previously and TestRail/the authentication module maps users using their email address. So, the only requirement is that you have the email address in your LDAP/AD. TestRail would still use regular user accounts and LDAP/AD is only used for the authentication part, so you wouldn’t really notice a difference in TestRail. For users that exist in LDAP/AD but not already in TestRail, you can also tell TestRail to automatically add a new TestRail on the first successful login but this is optional and can be configured with the AUTH_CREATE_ACCOUNT option.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Can i use both LDAP and local accounts at the same time ?