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Moving testcases impacts test results

We moved all testcases from one project to another, this was a mistake by user where instead of copying the testcases the user accidentally moved them. We moved back the testcases to the original project, however this has impacted all existing Test Plans/Test Runs where results for all test runs are lost. Is there a way to recover the test results at this stage?


I believe only a database restore is the only way.


But why existing test results should effect by moving test cases to another project. Just for few results recovering all projects is annoying. Either we should have project restore option or results should not remove.

Also, we have both “copy” and “move” test case options through one tab, there are many chances to make a mistake here.



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It would be better if there was documentation to this effect or better would be a warning when a user performs the move. Currently the warning only says that this action is irreversible, but does not mention about the impact it has on Test results.
Also for projects that run for longer duration it is obvious that Test Plans would be active for long time and currently only Test Plans can be closed but not individual Test Runs which leaves the risk of Test results getting modified when Testcases are altered, ideally this shouldn’t be the case.

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Hello @Babu,

Thanks for posting. Test case version control is currently on our features request list. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release. This will help easily revert or undo any specific actions based on an action that was taken. In the meantime, we can proceed with a restore for you. If you wish to do this, please go to Administration -> Site Settings -> Backups. There are several backup checkpoints that we can restore from and it can be requested through there.

Please add my vote also.

Please add my vote too.