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Moving Testcases from One Project to Another


I have 2 projects. Both created identically (aka have same settings). I have imported 3K plus test cases into one project then quickly realized that half of them below to 2nd project. I know that you have copy/move feature available and when I use it I get a confusing dialog that does not let me select cases to be moved to another project. My expectation is that when I click on the button and select original project I should see all testcases with all subdirectories in it and then I can copy to a specific (other project). Instead I only see a dialog that tells me how to do this and copy and move buttons disabled.
This is probably something basic that I’m missing but I’m stuck and cannot move testcases to a different project. I did a test and in the second project created few testcases and subdirectories and when I perfrom same action by entering from second project I see everything that I need. The question is what is wrong with Project #1?


You go to the project and its test suite, where you like to have the test cases (so the target of the move/copy operation).

There you click the “Copy or Move Cases” icon (far most left in the toolbar) and select the source test suite (it shows all test suites from all projects).

Then you can select the test cases you like to copy or move by either checking them individually (or their sections) or by searching for them via applying a filter

Hope this helps


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your posting. As shown by Andreas (thank you!), you can use the Copy & Move Test Cases dialog to copy or move test cases across suites/projects. Please note that moving cases will remove related tests in active test runs/plans so you might consider closing your runs/plans first:



Thank you. So it was backwords. it worked great


Hi Vlad,

Yes, you would go to the target project first, open the Copy/Move dialog and then copy/move test cases from the source suite/project.