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Moving test cases breaks all history?


I’ve moved some test cases to a new project. I pretty much expected to lose my results history since it is associated with Runs in the original project. However, I was surprised to see that all the case edit history was wiped clean as well. It went so far as to indicate the case was originally created today.

Is there any way to save my edit history when moving cases to a new project?


We also need to move some testcases into another project. How did you proceed? I don’t mind losing the history on those cases since we have not ran any of them in that project but I am concerned about losing result history for other cases we ran and may have to move in the future.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. The test case history is removed on purpose when moving test cases to a different project. The reason for this is that the history may potentially include confidential or sensitive information which you may prefer to hide from users of the other project. It’s currently not supported to keep the test case history.

Domenic: you can copy or move test cases via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog which can be opened by clicking on the copy icon when viewing a test suite (the icon with two sheets of paper). TestRail will only remove tests/results from active test runs and this does not affect closed/completed test runs or plans:

I hope this helps!