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Moving suites between projects



Currently the only way to move a suite between projects is to create a corresponding suite in the new project, move all test cases / sections to that suite and delete the old suite (or keep it).

I would recommend a better option to move suites between projects. Each suite may have a configuration page in which one can configure the project or projects with which it is associated.

This is important for us since my team uses 2 types of projects:

  1. A project for each release - will include test suites related to features developed in that release.
  2. A ‘Regression’ project - includes test suites related to all the existing features in the system.

After every release I need to manually move all suites from the release project to the regression project - a painstaking process.


Hello Nir,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback on this. We usually recommend using the same project for multiple versions or releases of a product. You can use milestones as well as the archive feature for test runs/plans to manage your releases (and test case versions). I would also recommend reviewing our training video on milestones:

If you need a more explicit way of managing test cases, I can also recommend using the new baseline feature that was introduced with TestRail 4.0:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply.