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Moving subsections within test suites


Just upgraded to and notice there is no longer a way to move subsections and their tests within a test suite.



Thanks for your message. Moving sections is now done by dragging the sections in the sidebar. We’ve changed this behavior as it was difficult to reorganize your sections in the main content area for anything but small test suites. So to move sections, simply drag the section in the sidebar tree to the new location.

I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis,

How do you move test suites between different parent folders? I don’t see the parent folders in the sidebar, so the prompt I get telling me to drag&drop them is not applicable. It seems the sidebar needs to be allowed to go up a level. Otherwise, I am forced to create those folders and test cases again from scratch or export/import which seems needlessly complicated when TestRail already has the drag&drop functionality.


Hi Marci,

Thank you for your post. Test Suites can be thought of single repositories within a given project. That being said, they are completely separate from each other and thus do not have ‘parent’ suites.

Starting with TestRail 4.0, we made test suites optional for projects. We found that for many projects, having a single test case repository and organizing your test cases via sections and sub sections works better than separating your test cases into different test suites. This makes it easier to start new test runs, filter your test cases and navigate between your tests. Because of this we added additional project options to use different suite modes and e.g. disable test suites for projects.

You can enable and use test suites by editing a project under Administration > Projects. However, we highly recommend using sections and sub sections in a single test case repository instead of separate test suites for most projects. You can also enable test suites for a project later in case you want to start using it then. You can also learn more about suite modes here (section “Suite Modes and Baselines”):

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team