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Moving from JIRA On Prem to Cloud

We are probably going to be moving from JIRA On Prem ( v7.7.0) to JIRA cloud in the not too distant future.

Are there any gotchas/lessons learned or anything we need to be aware of when we do this?

I see we need to install the JIRA Cloud plugin and change to API Tokens for each user, but looks like there are good instructions for this.

I did search the forum but could’t see any posts relating to this, but thought I would ask just in case. :grinning:



Hi Jarod,

When moving from Jira Server to Cloud. The biggest thing is to ensure that the project keys and issue ID numbers do not change. Therefore in that regard you should be creating a 1:1 copy if possible. Then make additional changes to the Jira Cloud setup, such as adding new projects.

I hope this helps clarify and please let me know in case you have any further questions!

Brilliant, Thanks for that vtran. Will make sure we keep that in mind.
We have close to 3000 test cases now and would hate to lose the links to the JIRA cards.

Hey Jarod,

I recently integrated our TR project with JIRA and the biggest pain in the *** was the generation of Integration Key.

Now, if you have admin rights in both systems, this should be a pretty straightforward process. However, if you’re not an admin and/or your JIRA admin doesn’t have access to TR, you have to keep in mind the following:

  1. You cannot generate an integration key anywhere in the TestRail UI. There is just no option for that. The only possible way to reach this endpoint is just to access the URL directly via your browser. Now, I’m not sure if the link is the same for all TR instances, but I assume it is, so you can probably find it on link (where XXXXX is your TR instance).
  2. In order to generate this key, you should have admin rights in TR. If you don’t, ask your TR admin to generate a key and send it back to you.
  3. Then you should add it in the JIRA configurations. If you don’t have admin rights, contact your JIRA admin and send him the link for your TR instance as well as the integration key generated in step 2.

Additional notes - I was afraid that generating a new integration key could screw up previously generated keys, so I contacted the TR support (Jacob, if you’re reading this, thanks man), and I was wondering if I should use the same integration key if I’m linking more than one JIRA instance with the same TR instance.

  1. You can generate as many integration keys as you want. New keys are not overriding old keys.
  2. You should use separate integration keys if you’re integrating your TR with multiple JIRA instances.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks a lot Ivaylo,
I don’t have admin access in JIRA, and I do remember when I was initially working to set this up, having some issues…mostly around timing of the JIRA admin resource being available when I was! :grinning:

That is interesting about being able to have multiple integration keys.
Thanks again for sharing your experience.