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Moving from HTTP to HTTPS on CentOS


We currently have Testrail installed on CentOS With the upgrade to v5 and using the new plugin for Jira we are informed we need Testrail to be using HTTPS.

What other steps need to be taken on the server? apart from changing the web address in Site Settings under the administration section of Testrail.



Thanks for your posting! For the new JIRA add-on, TestRail needs to use HTTPS if your JIRA is also using HTTPS (otherwise, browser would block the add-on pages in JIRA).

Setting up HTTPS on the web server level is a bit out of scope for this forum but this generally involves generating an SSL certificate and changing the Apache vhost configuration accordingly. The following how-to looks really good:

Once HTTPS is working, on TestRail’s side you would only need to update the Web Address setting under Administration > Site Settings and change the address from http:// to https://.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!