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Moving a test case via the API


We have looked at the API documentation, but are unable to figure out how to move a test case from one section to another while keeping the run history associated with the test case. Is this a possibility? Has anyone done this already?



Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting! Moving test cases is currently not possible with the API but you can simply move the test cases in the UI via drag & drop. This will also preserve the history within the same project. The history is cleared if you move the case to a different project because the history might contain sensitive data which shouldn’t be shown in the other project.



Thanks for the reply Tobias. Any chance we could see this functionality added in a future release?


Hi Chris,

Yes, we are happy to look into this and dedicated API methods for moving/copying test cases are already on our feature request list (just added another vote, thanks again!).




Is there any chance you will be adding this functionality to the API soon?