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Movement within 3 pane view


I have set my test run to display in 3 panes view and the first test case is highlighted by default with the test steps displayed.
I found out the only way to see test steps in other test cases is by clicking on each test case and this will open up the particular test case in big screen, displacing the 3 panes view.
Can you make it possible to be able to view test steps in another test case by hovering over it or be able to scroll down to it.
This will enable user to have 3 pane view and be able to see test steps in each test cases without losing the 3 panes view.


I had the same issue - if you click the link you will lose the 3 pane view but if you click anywhere else on the next test case then it will keep the 3 pane view.

If you click in the area highlighted then you do not lose the 3 pane view:


Thank you for the quick response BGanger.


you also jump to the next case by pressing j or k to go backwards.


Yep, it’s the intended behavior to open the test page when clicking on the title link. You can load the test into the three-pane view by clicking on the test row (anywhere except a link) or via j/k shortcuts.