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Move test runs with results


Is it possible to move a test run with results from one test plan to another?

This is the following scenario we’re trying to solve. We release according to a regular schedule. At any time, we can have 3-4 projects in different QA environments being tested. Each time we prepare a release candidate, we merge the projects that are ready into trunk and deploy to a Staging environment for integration testing.

This is what we’d like to be able to do. If we have four projects, A-D, we want to have four different test plans tracking testing.
Project A Test Plan (QA)
Project B Test Plan (QA)
Project C Test Plan (QA)
Project D Test Plan (QA)

Once we merge and deploy to Staging, we want to be able to transfer the test runs and results from the QA test plans to the Staging Test plan. So, if Release 1 contained projects A & C, we’d have:
Project B Test Plan (QA)
Project D Test Plan (QA)
Release 1 Test Plan (Staging) <- Contains test runs and results from Project A Test Plan (QA) and Project C Test Plan (QA).

Is this possible with Test Rail?


Mods, apologies for cross-posting. Realized there was an existing thread on this topic here -

Feel free to close this thread or merge it into the other.


Hello Alin,

Thanks for your posting and this is no problem at all. I will make sure to answer your request in the other thread.