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Move test run under unassigned assignee


I would like to move an existing test run under the “Unassigned” assignee to an actual individual assignee who was assigned to all the test cases. Where can I do this? Thanks.


Hello J,

Thank you for your post. There are a couple ways to do what you are wanting to do here.

If you have test runs within a test plan, you can edit your test plan which will allow you to assign entire test runs to a specific user.

Additionally, you can go into a test run itself, select all of the test cases you wish to assign, click the Assign button, and select the Assign selected option. When you assign a test run to a user via the test plan edit page, you are essentially doing this in a different manner.

Just as an FYI, when you are initially creating a test run, you will also have the option to assign the entire test run to a single user. Once you have created the test run however, this option will not show up on the test run edit screen.


Thank you for your reply.

I do not see this selection you boxed… my “Edit Test Plan” format is different they your snap shot.


Hey J,

Thank you for the follow up. Configurations would only show up if you were creating your test runs within a test plan as the parent. Single test runs do not include the configurations option. When TestRail uses a configuration that you have set up, it is creating a test run of its own.