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Move test cases from one project to another


I noticed that a non-admin user can’t move the test cases from one project to another. Is there a way to grant non-admin user permission to move the test cases outside of the current project and not be able to delete the test cases?


Hello Joshi,

Thanks for your posting. User don’t need to be administrators to move test cases from one project to another but they need the delete permissions for the source project (add add/edit permissions for the target project). The reason for this is that moving is very similar to delete in the sense that related test results (of active test runs) are deleted in both cases.

One option to implement this would be grant delete permissions to just a few users to avoid accidental deletes of test cases/sections.



How do i give delete permissions to a user?
In the Role dropdown in administration i see guest, tester, leab, gbTest and admin.

I don’t see a way to specifically provide delete permissions to the user.


Hello Joshi,

The permissions can be configured as part of the roles and you assign these roles to your users. When you click on a role under Administration > Users & Roles (at the bottom), you will see a list of permissions and can enable/disable them separately:

Additional details can be found in TestRail’s online help under “Help | TestRail Help | Manage user permissions and roles” and I’m also happy to help in case you have any further questions.



I don’t understand how to copy test cases from one project to another. I tried creating sessions ( but when I go to the new project I don’t see my sessions. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!



Thanks for your posting. You would need to create an empty test suite in the new project first. If you then open this test suite, you can open the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog via the icon with the two sheets of paper in the toolbar of the test suite. You can then choose the source test suite and test cases to copy.