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Move References data entry to the Project level, select from drop-down in test edit


Multiple test cases may need to have the same reference data typed in during editing/creating each test. This creates additional data entry work and multiple opportunities for human error.

Enhancement request:
Move data entry of the references to a project level, then provide a multi-select box in the test create/edit screen so testers can then select from a defined list of references instead. This would be faster for the tester and provide more reliable data.


Thanks, Dave! Yep, definitely makes sense and a quick way to select previously configured references would be great to have (I’ve added it to our feature request list). Might also make sense to look into pulling the list of issues directly from JIRA/the issue tracker as an additional feature.



Agreed, being able to pull them from JIRA (with configurable issue types) would be a nice addition along with manual entry.


Will look into this for a future version, thanks again for your feedback :smile: