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Move/Copy Test Cases based on a filter on custom fields?


Is there a possibility to select test cases based on texts in one or more custom fields. Example: I have lots of test cases which have to be tested on several environments like OS (XP, Win7, Vista) and Browsers (IE7-9, FF4-11, Chrome).

I have one test case per function, OS and browser (e.g. Login on XP, IE7).
If I want to test those functions also on Win7 and Firefox, I need to copy this test cases to a ‘new’ one and I have to update the environment.

So I would need a function or a procedure (e.g. bulkcopy, bulkchange) which does this for me on lots of test cases.


Hello Thomas,

Thanks for your posting. You would usually use the configuration feature of test plans for this instead of creating test cases for each environment you test against. To do this, you can start a test plan on the Test Runs & Results tab (Add Test Plan) and configure/add the configurations:

So, you would basically create your functional test cases (without specifying the environments) and then add the configurations you want to test against. When you then create a test plan and select those configurations, TestRail will automatically create a test run for each configuration (combination).

There’s currently no built-in way to select & copy test cases based on filters but I would really suggest to try the configuration feature instead of specifying the environment as part of the test case description.

I hope this helps, just let me know in case anything is unclear.



I too have a need to copy a set of cases based on a filter.

It appears that in it is still not possible to easily copy based on a filter.

The tree on the right is limited to match the filter, so if I’m copying a case from one section to another section and the destination section does not have any cases that match the filter, i am not able to drag and drop copy. Also, if I set my selection then dismiss the filter (red x) to show all sections in the suite the selection is lost when the filter is dismissed.

Am I missing something?



Thanks for the feedback. You would be able to use the test case filters in the Copy/Move dialog, but this only applies to copying test cases between projects/suites. We are happy to look into making it easier to copy test cases to a section when you have filters enabled as well.