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Move a set of sections



I like to move a set of sections to a new parent. In the UI It seems that I cannot select more than one section, which makes it a bit laborious to move each one of them.

So I thought doing this via the api - but there seems also no possibility to move a section. Adding and deleting will not help me as the sections I like to move already exist and may contain test cases.

Am I required to move each section individually or is there any way to have a buck move ?


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! Moving sections via the API is currently not possible and you would use the drag & drop features in the sidebar for this. It’s correct that you can only move one section at a time, but this includes the full sub-section tree (i.e. the actual section + possible sub-sections), so it’s usually possible to move sections under a common parent (the one you want to move as the final step) to save a few clicks.



in my particular case I like to move all sections under one parent to their grandparent, aka removing the parent.

But thanks for your answer


I would second this request. The drag and drop feature to move/copy sections is great but frequently I have to repeat this action for several sections so if I could select multiple selections before doing the drag and drop it would be a great time saver.


Happy to look into this for a future version!