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Mouse Hover performance issue in Testrail->JIRA integration



At the beginning all was perfect, but we’ve been experiencing performance issues for 2 or 3 months more or less.

I cannot figure out what triggered the issue… maybe last testrail update…

The problem is that when I stop the mouse pointer on a jira reference, or issue (in testcases list, or in a testrun page), the JIRA lasts at least 5 or 6 seconds to appear.

I checked the communication between testrail and jira servers, all is ok, the traceroute shows direct communication (no hop at all).

What could be the origin of the problem?

P.D: since last update, I lost “configuration” funcionality when I create a testplan also. Now there is no way of adding a new configuration when creating a testplan. (the button disappeared)

Version: v5.3.0.3603 installed on a debian.

thank you,


Hi Fred,

Thanks for your posting! This looks like a performance or latency issue with your JIRA instance. When you look up a JIRA issue in TestRail via mouse-hover, TestRail needs to send an API request to JIRA and wait for the response. If this takes longer than usual/before, it’s very likely an issue with the connection to JIRA or a performance issue on JIRA’s side. To troubleshoot this, you can enable debug logging to review the communication between TestRail and JIRA and this also includes timing information on how a long a JIRA API request takes:



hi tobias,
Thank you, I’ve generate a loog, can I send it to you? how?


Hi Fred,

Thanks for the email, we are reviewing the log right now.