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Most Popular Tests Report


We are using TestRail as our one-stop-shop for testing and have introduced a process for identifying candidate test cases for automation.
As part of this review process it would be useful to have a report that list all of the test cases in a project, in the order of most to least repeatedly run.

Is there a way I can produce such a report?
(apologies if this has been raised elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any reference to it using a search)

Many thanks.

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I think there is no such report, but you could get that information from the reports:

  1. Results> Comparison for Cases: selecting “All sections” and “All test runs”, then, you will be able to see which test cases were executed in each “Test run”.
  2. Cases> Status Top: shows you the number of times that the test case had a certain status.

In both cases, you would then have to manually count (for example, using a spreadsheet) how many times each test case was run.

On the other hand, in my opinion, the candidate test cases to be automated would have to be those test cases that have high priority, considering that for some reason they have such priority, in addition, to know which test cases were the most frequently executed, to need historical information, which, for a time, you will not have available.

I hope I’ve helped,