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More UI ideas to speed up workflow


Provide multiple locations for Add Test Result and Assign To buttons. Currently these only exist at the bottom of the page. This is cumbersome when working on long test runs, always having to scroll to the bottom and then back again to the top. I suggest at the minimum, place these buttons also at the top of the page. Maximum coverage would include them at the bottom of each Section.

Also related, once the Add Test Result and Assign To buttons are pressed (after the user has entered the info required), the user stays at the bottom of the page. Suggest that the user jump back to the test case or section they initially marked.


Hello Kenneth,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We understand that this isn’t ideal at the moment and the next feature version of TestRail will make this a lot better (e.g. with a new toolbar which will always be visible, similar to the sticky sidebar).