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Modify the pdf report



I am trying to create my custom report from the pdf file. The custom report should contain the logo of my company, and another format closer to word document, we call it test certificate and we provide this as part of our release process.

The steps I follow are the following:

  1. Export the pdf
  2. Convert to word doc
  3. Copy and paste parts to another word doc

I found the step 3 frustrated. The text cannot be easily edited.

The second option I could think was to create parts of the report in a confluence page.
But this is not very good either, you can get the pie chart with the iframe, but nothing similar to pdf report.

Any other idea to keep most of the prdf report and modify it a little to a custom report?




Hi Kostas,

Thanks for your posting. By default, the reports of TestRail come in regular HTML/CSS/JS format so it would be easy to modify them (e.g. to add a logo). It seems you printed those HTML files to PDF which would make it more complicated to change. An alternative is to add additional context details to the generic Description field. This field also supports TestRail’s rich-text format and would allow you to embed images etc.: