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Modify fields displayed on Jira Reference field

Hi all,

Hope everyone is safe and well.

I wanted to add/remove fields displayed when I hover my mouse to the Reference id of Jira issue.
In the screenshot below, I wanted to replace Issue Type, Component, and Assignee with something relevant to the requirement record in Jira.

I appreciate it very much if someone could help me how to do this. It’ll be great if I could get a response to fix this soon.


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Adding custom fields to the reference pop up is currently not available, but we have this on our development radar. For now, I’ve added your feedback to the internal request to help our development team prioritize future releases.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I really appreciate it. Most of my postings are ignored and forgotten.

I hope this option of adding custom field to a pop-up will be forthcoming. Btw, is it possible to at least hide some of the fields?

Stay safe and well.