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Modifier keys for windows


I’m on Win 10 and trying to use the modifier key to add a subsection quickly, I’ve tried CTRL | Alt | Shift in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox but it’s not bringing it up. [S] works for a new Section.

From the test rails documentation:



Thanks for your post! The modifier key for Windows 10 would be the Control key (CTRL), and you would just hold this and the ‘s’ key simultaneously to open the add subsection dialog. As long as your system is still using the defaults then this should work. If you’ve made any changes or are unsure, then I would recommend looking into remapping the modifier keys if needed. Hope this helps!



Thought I’d update that I realized the issue was because my view was set to All in a Single-Suite Repository. You need to set it to either Select or Select and Subgroups to get the +s functionality to add a subsection.